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Bryn Aarflot was founded in 1947 and is one of Norway’s leading intellectual property firms. Our clients range from large international companies to individual entrepreneurs, representing all fields of business and industry.


About us

Bryn Aarflot provides technical and legal expertise at all levels on all areas of IP law. Our professionals draw on their broad range of technical backgrounds and legal experience to serve the needs of the client. What makes us unique and different from most other IP firms is that as well as being one of Norway’s leading filing and prosecution firms, we also act as  litigators. This enables us to offer a full range of services in the IP field and to assist the client at all levels.

Whether you represent a company seeking Norwegian or international IP representation, or you are looking for an experienced full service IP partner for your international business, Bryn Aarflot is here to assist you.





During the first years after the Second World War, many new products appeared on the Norwegian market. There was a general feeling of optimism, and prospects for business were promising. Patent attorneys Tom Bryn and Harald Aarflot therefore had the best prospects for establishing their own firm. Both had many years of experience as consultants within intellectual property rights before establishing the firm Bryn & Aarflot in 1947. In 1962, Bryn & Aarflot was reorganized into a share-holder company, and in 1998 it was transformed into a partner managed limited company, which it still is today, now under the name Bryn Aarflot.



Our aim

Bryn Aarflot aspires to be Norway’s most service-minded consulting firm within the field of intellectual property rights. Our name shall be associated with pro-active attendance to our clients’ interests and needs.



Our core values


  • Competence

    The services we offer are recognized by their quality

  • Service minded

    Responsiveness and time of delivery are essential

  • Creativity adaptability

    We take a pro-active role in finding the best solutions for our clients

  • Dependable

    All our matters are handled satisfactorily, by qualified personnel offering good services, with adequate focus on potential conflicts of interest and confidentiality



International connections

Bryn Aarflot has a widespread and well established network of international relations and business connections.Our experts are members of worldwide intellectual property organizations including the FICPI, the LES, the INTA and the AIPPI. This provides Bryn Aarflot with an extensive network of leading experts in specialized intellectual property agencies and law offices all over the world.

Our domestic clients benefit from our ability to choose the most competent IP expert available on a case-by-case basis for their intellectual property issues anywhere in the world.

Whether you represent a company seeking Norwegian or international IP representation, or are looking for an experienced full service IP partner for your international business, Bryn Aarflot is here to assist you.



Our clients

Our clients range from small independent inventors through to the largest international corporations. We do strategic analysis and assist start-up businesses in securing their rights as well as handling large IP portfolios for some of the world’s largest entities. We offer client tailored prosecution and maintenance services in Norway and internationally, and we draw on our technical and legal expertise on enforcement and litigation matters.



Terms and conditions

1.         The assignment
These standard assignment terms and conditions shall apply to all assignments involving Bryn Aarflot AS and you as the client (hereafter the client).
All assignments shall be ordered by the client in writing and shall take contractual effect when confirmed by Bryn Aarflot.

If, after reviewing these terms and conditions, the client wishes to cancel the assignment, including if the client does not accept the specified terms and conditions, the client shall give immediate notice in writing. The assignment shall then be terminated and fees accumulated up to termination of the assignment shall be invoiced.

If a written agreement is concluded to expand or amend the assignment at a later date, the expanded assignment shall be performed without further confirmation.

Bryn Aarflot ‘s assignment as an agent in trademark, patent, design and other intellectual property matters shall be ongoing. Once an exclusive right has been established through registration or an application has been submitted, the agent assignment shall encompass notice of renewal and other events, including but not limited to approval requests, third-party claims, third-party notices, etc.

The assignment shall not cover tax issues unless specifically stated in writing.

2.         Performance of the assignment
Bryn Aarflot BAA provides technical and legal assistance at all levels to national and international clients. Bryn Aarflot is subject to a duty of confidentiality in respect of information it receives in cases. All Bryn Aarflot staff have signed written confidentiality declarations.

3.         Matters within the client’s knowledge
The proper performance of the assignment is conditional upon the client passing on all relevant information and providing all relevant documentation in connection with the assignment.

The client shall be obliged to notify changes of name and address. All notifications from Bryn Aarflot will be sent to the client’s last specified address. Bryn Aarflot accepts no liability for losses of rights resulting from Bryn Aarflot not receiving instructions from the client because Bryn Aarflot does not have the correct address and contact information for the client.

The client shall be responsible for complying with deadlines notified by Bryn Aarflot, and Bryn Aarflot accepts no liability for losses of rights resulting from Bryn Aarflot not receiving instructions before the expiry of a deadline.

4.         Liability for case outcome
Bryn Aarflot accepts no legal liability for the achievement of the desired outcome in the case.

In connection with any court case, the client may risk being ordered to cover the opponent’s legal costs and to pay court fees, in addition to its own costs. The client shall bear all liability in this regard.

If a court decision awards legal costs to the client, but the amount is less than the fee Bryn Aarflot has claimed/will claim from the client, the client shall be liable to BAA for the difference.

5.         Prices
Bryn Aarflot’s fees shall not be conditional upon the outcome of the case, and shall be paid regardless of the result in the case or whether the case is ended.

Bryn Aarflot’s fees shall normally be calculated based on the time Bryn Aarflot has spent on the assignment and in accordance with the hourly rates applicable at any given time. Hourly rates shall be sent to the client upon request. Bryn Aarflot reserves the right to amend its hourly rates, including with effect for assignments on which work has already begun. When calculating its fee, Bryn Aarflot may also take account of the complexity and intensity of the assignment, previously performed specialist work, the sums involved, the result achieved and whether the assignment can be characterised as urgent. A fee estimate is only intended to be indicative for budgeting purposes, and shall not be deemed a fixed price unless agreed in writing.

In certain cases, Bryn Aarflot may issue invoices for its services based on fixed fees in accordance with the price list applicable at any given time. In cases where a fixed fee is quoted, Bryn Aarflot’s work shall be invoiced accordingly. Assistance additional to the work covered by the fixed-fee invoice shall be invoiced based on the number of hours spent and any expenses and disbursements incurred.

6.         Invoicing and payment
Unless otherwise agreed, the assignment shall be invoiced in accordance with time spent, including on preparations, meetings, supplementary work and travel time where relevant.

Bryn Aarflot shall be entitled to invoice accrued fees and any disbursements on an ongoing basis. Bryn Aarflot reserves the right to invoice in advance, or to claim pre-payment or payment in cash.

Unless otherwise agreed, all Bryn Aarflot invoices shall be subject to a 30-day payment deadline.

In the event of late payment, penalty interest shall accrue and be calculated pursuant to the Interest on Overdue Payments Act of 17 December 1976 No. 100.

7.         Expenses and disbursements
In the performance of the assignment, Bryn Aarflot shall be entitled to incur, on behalf of the client, all necessary expenses and disbursements unless instructed otherwise. Bryn Aarflot shall not charge any mark-up or supplement when invoicing expenses and disbursements, with the exception of payable value added tax and a foreign exchange supplement when the cost has been incurred in a foreign currency.

If Bryn Aarflot engages consultants, experts, foreign lawyers/advisers or other third parties on behalf of the client, it shall do so as the client’s representative, and the client shall be liable for the third party’s fees, other costs and any fees or charges. This shall apply irrespective of whether the third party’s fees and expenses are invoiced directly or via Bryn Aarflot.

8.         Communications
Bryn Aarflot communicates with the client’s staff, partners or advisers as considered appropriate in each individual case. Bryn Aarflot shall be notified if the case is subject to particular confidentiality or only specified persons are authorised to discuss the matter or to communicate with Bryn Aarflot. Bryn Aarflot seeks to communicate with its clients in an effective manner, including by email where appropriate. However, email correspondence is not considered a secure form of communication, although Bryn Aarflot has strong security tools in place to minimise the risk inherent in electronic communications. If the client does not wish to use email, or if such communications must be encrypted, Bryn Aarflot shall be explicitly notified in each individual case.

9.         Conflicts of interest
In the course of its assignments, Bryn Aarflot often works on innovations. Handling clients’ business secrets correctly is thus a fundamental prerequisite for Bryn Aarflot’s operations. To be able to perform assignments as effectively as possible, Bryn Aarflot must have broad experience of different technical and legal matters, in all sectors. This gives Bryn Aarflot technical, legal and commercial expertise that benefits its clients. Accordingly, Bryn Aarflot will work on assignments for several different clients in the same sector or technical area. In Bryn Aarflot’s experience, conflicts of interest are rare. Bryn Aarflot has introduced procedures for dealing with the small number of cases where a conflict may arise.

10.      Special provisions

If Bryn Aarflot’s assignment does not explicitly include investigations of previously established rights, prior art or designs, such investigations shall not be undertaken when assisting with the establishment of industrial rights such as patents, trademarks and design rights.

If the client ceases to make payments due to payment difficulties, Bryn Aarflot shall be entitled to terminate the assignment/agent relationship unilaterally.

Our terms and conditions in pdf here.



Contact details

To ensure that enquiries are addressed as required, we kindly request that all urgent instructions are sent to our central e-mail address
If you need to contact our account department, please send an e-mail to

Stortingsgata 8
NO-0161 Oslo, Norway

See other contact details and map at the bottom of this page.
Our fax. no. is +47 22 00 31 31.

Office Hours:
08.00 – 16.00 CET
23 March: 08.00 – 13.00 CET
1 June – 31 August: 08.00 – 15.00 CET
27-30 December: 09.00 – 15.00 CET

Public holidays in Norway in 2018:
29 and 30 March, 2. April, 1, 10, 17, 21. May, 25 and 26. December. (and our office is closed 24. and 31. Dec.)


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