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Bryn Aarflot’s life science-team

Contributing to innovation in the life science sector is one of Bryn Aarflot’s focus areas. Our life science team includes patent attorneys and attorneys at law with a broad experience within this sector – read more about the team here!

Bryn Aarflot supports innovation! One of our major focus areas is contributing to innovation within the life science sector by advising clients ranging from small startup businesses to well established life science organizations. As a member of the Oslo Cancer Cluster, and with a regular presence in the Oslo Science Park, we have a particularly good overview of the industry, and we can help protect the good ideas from the very first laboratory experiments.

Bryn Aarflot’s life science team is a group of dedicated and motivated patent attorneys and attorneys atlaw with broad experience from the life science sector: Arne Lund Kvernheim (PhD, organic chemistry), Marianne Weiby Wulff (MSc, organic chemistry), Live Marie Hansen (MSc, pharmacology), Hanne Bonge-Hansen (PhD, organic chemistry) and Anna-Lena Carlsson Orrenius (attorney at law).


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The latest addition to the team is Hanne Bonge-Hansen, who holds a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Oslo and has seven years of experience from Bayer AS (previously Algeta). Together, we have more than 40 years of experience from the industry and the institute sector as researchers, research leaders, inventors, patent attorneys and lawyers. Our areas of expertise include pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, food supplements, foodstuffs, biotechnology, neuroscience, radiopharmaceuticals, veterinary science, cosmetics, fatty acids, carbohydrates, chelators, chemical synthesis, computational chemistry, microbiology, chemical analyses and environmental science.

By our experience and expertise, we are positioned to obtain a thorough understanding of the clients’ technology and challenges. Hence, we can assist in the process of further developing the technologies and strategies to strengthen the intellectual property position, and thereby strengthening the market position and increasing revenues.

Our services include:

– Counselling
– Development of IP-strategies
– Mapping of patents; Overviews of e.g. competitors or technical fields («Landscaping»),
– Freedom to operate analysis
– Novelty searches
– Portfolio management
– IP due diligences
– Patenting; counselling/drafting/filing, prosecution and administration
– Trademark and design protection; searches, filing and prosecution and handling of applications
– Assistance related to agreements
– Licensing
– Assistance in conflicts and legal processes
– Enforcement of rights
– Infringement assessments

…all especially adapted to the life science sector!

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